Barbara & Ivan Bali Wedding Reception

Our first meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Chang is unforgettable. We are on our pre wedding shooting in Singapore for another client and we met them on our last day on that country. We really appreciate how they instantly trust us for capture their wedding in Bali on a few months letter. Barbara and Ivan  have married in Singapore before but they want to have a dinner for their wedding in Bali. They didn’t re do the blessing ceremony as many couple does when they have a reception in Bali but they just have fun. Before Ivan can met with Barbara on the day, the bridesmaid make some games and Ivan and his groomsman have to do everything’s on the girls list. They have to jump to the pool and do handstand and it was fun to do this activity and for the gift, they present beautiful Barbara to Ivan. Fireworks and the flying lantern are the way to us to describe how romantic their night was. It was glad to know that their dream wedding in Bali is comes true.

Bali Wedding Photographer

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